Corporate Values

商业价值 Business values

Our JV has five core values in line with its organizational objectives.

乘客为先 Passengers first

We put the needs of the passengers before anything else. Safety and comfort is our first priority. We achieve passengers' satisfaction by enabling comfort with technology to deliver the best.


团结为赢 Together we win

We focus on teamwork. Diversified teams work together to accomplish required results & operational excellence. Everyone has the freedom to work and it's a culture where an individual has the ability to sacrifice his own comfort for seamless counting of the project. That’s the power of teamwork into cross cultural workforce collaboration for a better future.

团结为赢意味着我们专注于团队合作。我们的团队共同努力,以取得出色的成果和实现卓越的运营效果。 每个人都有工作的自由,我们拥有一种文化,在这种文化中,个人有能力为了团队的更大利益而牺牲自己的舒适感。 这就是团队合作的力量,以及将多样性引入跨文化劳动力协作以创造美好未来的力量。

学习成长 Learning and Growth

Our employees are not only allowed to continue expanding their knowledge enhance, skills, and avail opportunities to innovate, but encouraged to do so we believe that. We hope individuals and organizations to grow together, during life cycle of the project.

成长与学习意味着我们是一个学习型组织。 我们的员工不仅被允许继续扩展他们的知识,技能和创新机会,而且被鼓励这样做。 我们希望个人和组织通过在组织生命周期的适当过程中具有学习,发展和成长的文化而共同成长。

持续改进 Continuous Improvements

Continuous Improvements means we want to work better. Our organization is a combination of well integrated technologies along with a cross cultural pool of workforce, developing an environment of Continuous Improvement & bringing Innovation through cost effective and efficient solutions, bringing a culture of comfort through continuous monitoring, analyzing and improving technologies to be market leader in Mass Transit solutions.

持续改进意味着我们希望更好地工作。我们整合优势技术及跨文化人才,通过成本控制和有效解决方案, 持续改善和创造创新环境,通过持续监控、分析和改进技术打造优良企业文化,进而成为公共交通运输领导者

城市赋能 Empower our city

Reliable and convenient transportation means more business opportunities and thus more job opportunities. Urban travel will become more convenient. We also united to participate in more social welfare activities.


每天有所作为 Make a difference every day

We constantly push ourselves to be our best, to find solutions. We arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our professional acumen , diligence and hardword.

我们不断努力做到最好,我们专注于解决方案, 我们每天都会受到启发,通过我们的才能,激情和努力来产生影响。

把团队放在第一位 Put Team First

With empathy and humility, we seek win-for-all solutions.


挑战与合作 Challenges and Collaborate

Being the first metro train project, it has many challenges dut to new technologies and human resource from three different companies and culture. Mobilizing of though increased involvement and showing flexibility are the hallmarks of collaboration.

为了真正实现这一价值,您欢迎大家进行艰苦的交谈,并且不要做任何假设- 问和回答问题。互相依靠以找到解决方案。您的团队应该是您的 最棘手的批评家,最大的挑战者和最大的支持者。



Employee values 员工价值

Integrity 正直可靠

Ensuring high standards of respect and integrity within OLMRTS and making them an integral part of the organizational DNA

确保OLMRTS内尊重和完整性的高标准并使之成为不可或缺的组成部分 组织DNA的一部分

Diversity 多元化

Different views and experiences are advantageous to any growing organization. Our global presence give us perspectives that drive better business.

不同的观点和经验是优势。我们的全球业务为我们提供了观点 推动更好的业务。

Accountability 问责制

We are accountable for ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and our company.


Passion 热情

Passion and enthusiasm gives energy which ultimately adds value to Pakistan Mass Transit sector.

对OLMRTS及其议程感兴趣,以为巴基斯坦公共交通部门增值,同时 鼓励创新。

Result oriented 以结果为导向

Based on idea that people will work with more enthusiasm and fun. People clearly know what is expected of them. People are involved in establishing there expectations and allowed to determine how they are going to meet these expectations.

客户相信我们能够建立起行之有效的东西,我们对此非常重视。我们的团队将克服障碍, 寻找解决方案并取得卓越的成果。

Innovation 革新

Employees are encouraged to make an idea or ameliorate into a goal or service that creates values.

成为世界领先的商务平台,需要无与伦比的愿景,创新和执行力。我们从不安定- 在我们所做的每一件事中,我们都会挑战我们关于可能的想法 为了更好地满足客户的需求。

Code of Ethics 道德守则

Strict ‘Code of Ethics’ are mandatory for a progressive organization. Recurrent training on the subject is part of our company’s policy.

客户相信我们能够建立起行之有效的东西,我们对此非常重视。我们的团队将克服障碍, 寻找解决方案并取得卓越的成果。

Team Work 团队合作

Teamwork environment promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty.


Transparency & Merit 透明度和功绩

Providing the highest level of disclosure and transparency to all Stakeholder. Making merit based desirous to promote right candidate for the right job.


Develop our people 培养我们的员工

By providing an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth.


Control 控制

Control and ownership over individual business impacting projects empowers our employees to think critically and contribute to the development our platform.

对影响单个业务的项目的控制和所有权使我们的员工能够进行批判性思考 并为 蜂蜡作为具有行业挑战性的平台

Joint Venture 合资企业

Northern International —Guangzhou Metro —Daewoo Joint Ventures established an operational organization structure, established and improved operational management organizations, and set up 10 departments: Operation Management Dept., Equipment Maintenance Dept., Rolling Stocks Dept., Finance Dept., Safety & Technology Dept., HR Dept., Administration Dept., MIS, Contract Management & Coordination Dept., Internal Audit Dept.

北方国际—广州地铁—大宇合资企业成立 组织结构,建立和完善的运营管理组织, 并设立了10个部门:运营管理部,设备维护部, 机车部,财务部,安全与技术部,人力资源部,行政部 MIS,合同管理与协调部,内部审计部