Administration Department

Responsible for matters related to administrative office, fleet management, logistics support, warehouse management, etc.

Contract & Coordination Dept

Responsible for business contract management, external communication, external publicity, etc.

Comprehensive Management Dept

It takes charge of committee proposal communication and application, document archiving, public relationship management, publicity, news monitoring, meeting organizations, important activity planning, delegation reception, as well as management and allocation of Chinese-Urdu translators and so on.

Finance Dept

Responsible for financial management of the company.

Human Resource Dept

Responsible for human resources recruitment, management, staff training, etc.

Internal Audit Dept

Responsible for auditing the company’s financial income and expenditure and economic benefits.


Responsible for building the company's information management platform to ensure effective information support for the company's operations and ensure the safety and normal operation of the company's information system.

Security Department

Responsible for security of personnel & premises by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry of people and vehicle at the main entrance.



Operation And Maintenance Departments

Equipment Maintenance Department

Responsible for maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical systems like signaling, track, heating & ventilation and other equipment of Orange Line Metro Project.

Operations Maintenance Department

Responsible for orange line driving organization, equipment monitoring, station management, emergency handling, etc.

Rolling Stocks Dept

Responsible for driving of vehicles and engineering vehicles; maintenance of vehicles, diesel locomotives and inspection or repairing of equipment; regional management of depots.

Safety & Technology Department

Responsible for operation safety, quality, technology, rules and regulations management and supervision of external units.